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1. Lady Worshipper, India
August 2019

2. Fetching Water, Oman
July 2019

3. 30 second ink sketch
June 2019

4. 30 second ink sketch
May 2019

5. Ink drawing and watercolor
April 2019

What are Watercolors?
Farm Landscape 1 Watercolor is a transparent fluid medium that lets the light shine through it. Water, pigment, and paper interact spontaneously, creating interesting colors, shapes, and textures. When viewing the paintings on exhibit in the gallery, notice the fluidity of how the colors mix, creating new colors. Water can dry, creating hard edges to define the silhouette of shapes, or soft edges, producing the illusion of atmospheric depth. I am delighted you came to visit. Enjoy the exhibit. Watercolors by Sonia

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