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August 2019

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July 2019

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June 2019

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May 2019

5. Ink drawing and watercolor
April 2019


October 2018

Sonia has been traveling the globe this year with her sketchbook, using her preferred mode of travel: cruising. This winter she circumnavigated the continent of South America starting with the crossing of the Panama Canal going south along the west coast of the continent to USA then cruised 5 days exploring and enjoying the beauty of Antarctica. The voyage continued along the east coast of the continent with jogs to the Falkland Islands and Devil's Island. Farther north along the coast of Brazil, the ship sailed into the Amazon River for 5 days to Manaus, the former Rubber Capital of the world. Her excursions off the ship allowed her to experience up close several species of penguins in the wild, whales bubbling in herds to capture fish, pink dolphins in the Amazon river, and trecks in the jungles visiting native Amazon tribes. In stark contrast, she attended a performance in the opulent Manaus Opera House, a replica of the Paris Opera House, which was built during the heyday of the rubber boom.

This summer Sonia took a voyage tracing the trail of the Vikings. It covered territories in the Canadian Maritime Provinces, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, and Ireland. She recorded the varied topography of these areas ranging from lofty mountains, glaciers, isolated Inuit towns, rolling green meadows, and spectacular fjords.

This fall she embarks on a ship to explore Asia and Australia.

In the near future, this website will feature images she has recorded on these memorable voyages.

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